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Babysitter’s Handbook (e-book)

Image of Babysitter’s Handbook (e-book)


This 45 page downloadable handbook was written by Bernadette Noll, mother-of-four and longtime babysitter, and Carrie Contey, PhD and lifelong baby lover. In these pages we offer new sitters many practical and innovative ways to connect with kids while maintaining their position of being the responsible one in charge. We also provide tips for the parents hiring the sitters on ways to communicate clearly and cover all the necessary bases to ensure everyone gets the connection and comfort they need. This handbook covers…

> Playful games for indoors and out

> How to make smooth transitions from playtime to practicals

> Tips for creating pleasant bedtimes and mealtimes

> What’s off-limits and what’s okay for kids and sitters alike

> How to use your own skills, talents and abilities to enhance your time with the kids

> Safety tips for in the house and in the yard

> How to create a sitter’s very own Mary Poppins bag of tricks

> What to do in an emergency and when to call for help

> How to maintain good relationships with the families you work with
a handy information sheet for on the job communication

This handbook provides information, tips, tools and creative ideas for making sure parents, sitters and kids get the most thoughtful, thorough and caring babysitting possible.

This is an e-book that will be sent to you as a pdf. As you order, it may appear as if you will be sent this book via snail mail, but fear not, simply go through to Paypal and the e-book will be emailed to you within 24 hours.